Blue hour in Tallinn

Blue hour in Tallinn

There is also a nice side to all those short winter days in the northern hemisphere. In Tallinn there are only 6 hours of sun left by the end of December – so sunrise is at half past nine and sunset at half past 3. The most beautiful time during those grey winter days starts afterwards – the blue hour. Tallinn slowly puts on its deep blue dress and together with the amazing light the city shows its best side.

We were in the Old Town during the blue hour and show you here our favorite impressions.

Pedestrian trail from the Town Hall square to the Cathedral Hill

Shoe on the pedestrian trail from the Town Hall square to the Cathedral Hill St Olaf's church

Yes, some people like to block the view

Blocked view to the St Olaf's church

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

You will get the most beautiful view over the skyline of Tallinn from the Kohtuotsa viewing platform on the East side of the Cathedral Hill

View from the Kohtuotsa view platform tallinn-47 tallinn-48 tallinn-46 tallinn-45 tallinn-49

You will find less people and another point of view – on to the magical city wall, the St Olaf’s church and the port – on the Patkuli viewing platform

St Olaf's church St Olaf's church and city wall

The Christmas market in Tallinn has already been called the most beautiful in Europe. Especially the blue hour brings out the best of this amazing place. The Christmas market is located in front of the City Hall and lasts until the end of the first week in January.

tallinn-39 tallinn-53

Town hall tower – shadow in the clouds – just crazy!

shadow in the sky tallinn-56 tallinn-57 Christmas market in front of the City Hall

at the end once again the St Olaf’s church behind the massive city wall – allegedly it was the highest building in the world until the early 17th century…

St Olaf's church

Anita Brechbühl

Anita Brechbühl

Hallo ich bin Anita, leidenschaftliche Weltenbummlerin und Hobby-Fotografin. Ich liebe es, neue Flecken auf unserer wunderbaren Welt zu entdecken. Dabei gilt, das Abenteuer beginnt direkt vor der Haustür! So bin ich nicht nur in exotischen Ländern sondern auch oft in der Schweiz unterwegs.


  • Nienke Nienke Januar 13, at 23:35

    Stunning photos Anita, looks like a magical place. Can't wait to go and see it myself tomorrow! Will let you know how it was :)